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FEI Press Releases to Date

  • Press release no PR2005: New FEI President Champions UK Manufacturing

  • Press release no PR2004: FEI Investment Forum Targets Wales and the West

  • Press release no PR2003: Mobile phone industry welcomes Stewart report

  • Press release no PR2002: FEI Endorses Blueprint for IT Public Private Partnership Contracts

  • Press release no PR2001: FEI Investment Forum Goes Online

  • Press release no PR9922: E-Communications Bill should be used to support self-regulation

  • Press release no PR9921: FEI Supports Young Electronic Designer Awards

  • Press release no PR9920: Data Processing Boosts Semiconductor Market for 1999 and 2000

  • Press release no PR9919: Electronic Communications Bill a Boost for Business

  • Press release no PR9918: Workplace Enjoys 17% Growth Rate

  • Press release no PR9917: Fast Growing Industry in Europe Creates New Association

  • Press release no PR9916: Parliamentary Report on Mobile Phones and Health welcomed by Telecoms Industry

  • Press release no PR9915: Mobile and health issues team appointed by UK telecoms industry

  • Press release PR9914: Telecoms industry welcomes establishment of Mobile Phone Expert Group

  • Press release PR9913: Research & Development Spend for Electronics Sector

  • Press release PR9912: FEI At Telecoms '99

  • Press release PR9911: FEI Appoints New Chairman for ICT Council

  • Press release PR9910: Federation of Electronics Industry Statement following Panorama Programme (Broadcast BBC1, Monday 24 May)

  • Press release PR9909: New FEI President Emphasises Global Influence of Electronics Industry

  • Press release PR9908: FEI Investment Forum Moves to Birmingham

  • Press release PR9907: FEI Comments on Preece Research Paper

  • Press release PR9906: FEI Comments on Independent Review of Mobile Phone Use

  • Press release PR9905: FEI Survey Confirms Skills Shortage a Serious Problem

  • Press release PR9904: FEI Welcomes Budget Concessions but says Reduce Tax Burden on UK Business

  • Press release PR9903: FEI Chosen to Represent UK in Japan

  • Press release PR9902: FEI Acts for Mobile Data Association

  • Press release PR9901 : Worldwide Mobile Telephone Industry Forms New Organisation to Enhance Exchange of Information

  • Press release PR98017: FEI Forecasts Brighter Future for Electronics Industry

  • Press release PR98016 Alliance For Electronic Business Announces Global Trust Service Initiative

  • Press release PR98015 Mrs Barbara Roche, MP, Launches Fourth FEI Investment Forum

  • Press release PR98014 Hargreaves Wins FEI Top Technicians Award

  • Press release PR98013 : FEI Appoints Senior Executive for Radio

  • Press release PR98011: Semiconductor Manufacturers Association Announces that UK Semiconductor Market Grows Again

  • Press release PR98010 : Defence Industries Council Welcomes Partnership Offered by Strategic Defence Review

  • Press release PR98009 : New Components Director for FEI

  • Press release PR98008 : New FEI President Stresses The Importance Of A Strong, Comprehensive UK Trade Association

  • Press release PR98006 : Electronics Industry Needs Tax-Friendly Budget, says FEI

  • Press release PR98005: FEI President, Chairman And Managing Director, Celab Invited To Japan By Miti: A First For FEI

  • Press release PR98004: Technicians Encouraged To Enter FEI's Top Technician Contest

  • Press release PR98003 : New FEI Director For Information And Communications Technology

  • Press release PR98002 : Next FEI Investment Forum Pushes Uk Hi-Tech Growth

  • Press release PR98001 : FEI Push For European Smart Card Forum

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