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FEI membership of National and International Representative Organisations

Amongst the benefits of FEI membership for companies operating in the UK is the opportunity to have their interests represented Nationally and Internationally in the crucial debates that will shape the environment in which industry operates in the next century.

With the increasing globalisation of Industry and Commerce and the laws, regulations and standards that this brings in its train, UK industry cannot afford to be on the sidelines. The FEI represents the interests of its members to Government and Regulatory and Standards bodies in the UK and around the world through its membership of National and International Associations.

As the representative body of the Electronics industry in the UK, the FEI has access to the public policy debate nationally, with the European community and world wide.

The major organisations to which the FEI belongs are listed below with their membership rules .

BFC - British Furniture Council

Associations representing manufacturers of furniture of all types.

BIAC - Business and Industry Advisory Committee

Sub-Committee of OECD members drawn from the "developed" countries of the world.

BSI - British Standards Institution

(see also DISC)

Membership is open to all. but participation in technical committees is confined to Trade or Consumer Associations, Government and Academics.

CBI - Confederation of British Industry

Open to all companies and Trade Associations in the UK.

DISC - IT and Telecommunications sector board of the BSI

(See also BSI)

Suppliers, users and others (including Trade Associations and academic bodies)

ECTEL - European Telecommunications Industry Association

European Economic Area National Trade Associations.

EDIG - European Defence Industries Group

Defence Trade Associations of European NATO countries.

EECA - European Electronic Components Association

European National Trade Associations

EDIG - European Defence Industries Group

European National Trade Associations.

EMEC - European Maritime Equipment Council

National Trade Associations of the European Union.

ETSI - The European Telecommunications Standards Institute

Any administration, network operator, private service provider, manufacturer, user, or Trade Association, having a legal presence in Europe may join. (Other groups may act as observers)

EUROBIT - European Association of Business Machines and Information Technology

Trade Associations from the European Economic Area. Has parallel organisations in the US and Japan.

FEMB - Federation Europeene de Mobilier de Bureau

Office Furniture Trade Associations from the European Economic Area.

EURIM - European Informatics Market

UK parliamentary organisation set up to provide political monitoring and consultation on the development of European IT initiatives with Parliamentarians and corporate members

IIIC - International Information Industry Congress

National Information Technology Trade Associations.

JRBAC - Joint Review Board Advisory Committee

UK Defence Industry Associations, CBI, large Government Defence equipment suppliers.

UKCIC - UK CALS Industry Council

Companies and Trade Associations that seek to influence the development of CALS.

UKEQIMG - UK (Aerospace) Equipment Industry Management Group

The 4 major Aerospace Companies and the FEI

UKISC - UK Industry Space Committee

Companies in membership of the FEI and the SBAC.

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