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The Federation of the Electronics Industry (FEI) is the lead Trade Association for companies in the Information Technology, Communications and Electronics Industries, in Defence and Civil Electronics and in Office Equipment and Furniture. Members range from global Computer, Telecommunications and Aerospace enterprises to small innovative entrepreneurial companies which are a strength of the UK.
  • Overview
    What the FEI does for its members, its recent achievements and why other companies in the industry would benefit from joining.

  • About the Organisation
    How the FEI is organised. This section covers the work of the FEI Business Areas and their Committees.

  • Join The FEI
    Information about Joining the FEI

  • FEI Constitution
    Constitution & Regulations as adopted by the members in General Meeting on the 5th November 1997.
    If you want to download a copy press here

  • FEI Committee Listing
    Find the Committee you are interested in.

  • FEI Members
    A list of the current members of the FEI.

  • The Electronics and Information Industries Forum
    FEI and the CSSA are founder members of the EIIF a cross-industry forum that speaks on behalf of the combined information technology, electronics and communications industries

  • The FEI in the wider world
    The FEI's links with other Trade Associations and Standards bodies.

  • FEI Contacts
    Who to talk to at the FEI

  • The FEI President.
    Albert Shipton was appointed as the new president of FEI on the 18 May 2000, taking over from David Brown (President 1999-2000).

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