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Federation of the Electronics Industry
Russell Square House
10 - 12 Russell Square

Url: http://www.fei.org.uk

Name Dept / Position Telephone Email
Anthony Parish Director General
John Park Deputy Director General and Secretary to the Board
Camilla Young PA to the Director General
Helen Charilaou Publications
Caroline Derby Media Relations

Management Projects

John Dodd Projects

Defence and Capital Systems

Graham Attrill Business Area Director
Roy Axford Director Aerospace
Cynthia Ettenfield Administration

Information and Communications Technology

Tom Wills-Sandford Business Area Director
Mike Waxman Technical Support Analyst & Webmaster
Simon Wilson Director Radio
Steve Foster Radio Networks
Anne Galloway UMTS Forum
Chris Binns IT, security & ICT membership
Josephine Cardoso Telecommunications
Keith Wood Multimedia, satellite, communications & broadcasting
Christine Rolston Administration
Amy Douglas Administration


John Park Business Area Director
Peter Maguire Director Components
Richard Waterhouse Components

Office Technology

John Park Business Area Director
Peter Smith Director Office Furniture & Mailing Systems
Richard Waterhouse Customer Services
Sylvia Maxted Administation

Standards, Environment, Trading & Statistics

John Park Director
Russ Elliott Standards and Environment Policy
Dudley Ollis Technical Services & Environment
Malcolm House Statistical Services
Justin Fahy Project Executive
Richard Waterhouse International Trade & Customs

Commercial Affairs

Graham Attrill Director
Jennifer Carlton Commercial & Trade

Switchboard and General

Mary Hunter Reception
Switchboard Tel:

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